At the customer’s request, during tool implementation we select the most optimal cutting parameters depending on the technological conditions and materials to be processed.
Recommended cutting parameters for PCD and VHM:

PCD cutting parameters (.DOCX)
VHM cutting parameters (.PDF)

To make your work easier, we present a compendium of information and technical data that will be helpful on a daily basis: basic patterns, examples of materials to be processed and their markings according to the standards, hardness scales and a tolerance table.

ae – milling width [mm]

ap – depth of cut (mm)

d1 – diameter of tool [mm]

π – 3,14

z – Number of teeth

= (Vc * 1000) / (d1 * π) – Speed
Vc = (d1 * π * n) / 1000 – Cutting speed
fz = Vf / (z * n) = f / z – Blade feed
f = fz * z – Feed per rotation
Vf = fz * z * n – Movement speed
Q = (ae * ap * Vf) / 1000 – Number of chips generated

Examples of materials to be processed
Material hardness scales
Tolerance table

The selection and ordering of tools is carried out directly with the customer, with the permanent cooperation of a technical and commercial advisor. It will be very helpful to download the tool selection sheets below.